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Project 01



After thorough analysis of a Turkish bank on establishing a secure platform for internal and external communication to increase productivity and more precise decision making on crucial bank's daily activities by involving top executives and reduce traveling cost, our expert team laid out the communication platform for this client based on their functionality requirements and allocated budget.

Shortly after implementation and testing of the platform, it went live and operational not only saving our client communication cost but also helping them to reach a more conclusive decision faster and efficiently.

Project 03



The technology is evolving and all new offered functionalities by giants of internet and communication vendors are financially and practically out of reach for some clients. Nevertheless in other to stay in business and offer the same services as many other competitors in the market.

A communication platform was designed and implemented for a Norwegian client according to their requirements and limited budget based on secure and stable products that exceeded client’s expectation at the end. The solution was very cost effect for the client and had all the bells and whistles of cutting edge functionalities.



A cherry-pick list of delivered projects will be provided here. For interested parties for a complete list of delivered projects, please contact us directly.

A summary report will be provided on demand.





Project 02



Have a viable and accepted architecture strategy for a project is absolutely critical to your success, particularly in the complex situations which agile teams find themselves in at scale. Scaling issues include team size, regulatory compliance, distributed teams, technical complexity, Lifecycle and so on.

Our expert team was consulting a British firm in reviewing, improving and reducing time to market for a traditional developed software as a service. The lack of scalability of in their existing software and long time to market for every new incoming specification among other incentives were inspired our client to change the underlying software structure based on the recommendation by our experts. With newly implemented Agile Model Driven Development, among many improvements such as much shorter time to market, stability, etc. the client’s business expanded many folds since then.